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How do I use a Group Voicemail List?

A group distribution list can be created and modified to allow quick communication to several people with a single call. For example, say your hockey team's practice time has been changed. If you create a Distribution List for your team members, a single voicemail will be sent to every person on the list. This can be a real time saver.

Note: Group Distribution Lists can only include Rogers Home Phone and Rogers Wireless numbers.

To create a Distribution List:

  1. Dial * 9 8
  2. Press 4
  3. Press 2
  4. Press 2 for Distribution List
  5. Press 1 to create a new Distribution List
  6. A group number is automatically assigned to the group. Say the name you wish to associate with this group. Press 1 to keep this name or press 2 to change it
  7. Enter the mailbox number (phone number) of the person you wish to include in the group. Enter the sub-mailbox number when prompted, if applicable
  8. Follow the prompts to enter another subscriber to the Distribution List or press # when complete

To set up a Voicemail Broadcast online:

  1. Log into your account through
  2. Enter you Home Phone Number and Password. You are now in the Online-Voicemail inbox
  3. Click on Voicemail Settings, then on the Voicemail Broadcast tab

To send a Voicemail Broadcast:

  1. Dial * 9 8
  2. Press 3 to create a message
  3. Enter the group number you wish to forward the message to
  4. Press #
  5. Record your message and press # when complete
  6. You now have the following options:
    • Press 1 to send the message
    • Press 2 to review the message
    • Press 3 to erase the message
    • Press 4 to continue recording from the last point in the message
    • Press 9 for delivery options
    • Press * to cancel the message

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