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Standard Definition Boxes

The following Digital Cable Boxes provide access to all Digital Programming offered by Rogers, including all Video On Demand services. They do not provide PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or HDTV functions.

Scientific Atlanta 1840

The SA1840 provides coaxial cable in and out, single audio (L and R) and video outputs, and an S-Video output. It does not provide digital audio output.

SciAtl 1840

Scientific Atlanta 2000/3000

The SA2000 and 3000 are all physically identical, save for the Box name. These Boxes provide coaxial cable in and out, single audio (L and R) and video outputs, an S-Video output and an digital audio output for surround-sound encoding.

SciAtl 2000

The Scientific Atlanta 3100

The SA3100 differs from the 2000-series in appearance, and it also provides a digital audio output. Single audio (L and R) outputs, a single video output, and an S-Video output round out the available ports.

SciAtl 3100

Scientific Atlanta 3200

The SA3200 offers the same output options as the 3100.

SciAtl 3200

Scientific Atlanta 940

Despite the lack of front panel display, the Scientific Atlanta 940 offers all the same programming features as its larger counterparts but in a much smaller profile. The 940 sports the standard coaxial in and out, as well as one set of audio(L and R) and video outputs and an S-Video output.

SciAtl 940

Pace 501

Like the Scientific Atlanta 940, the Pace 501 offers all the same features as the larger Scientific Atlanta boxes in a smaller profile. In addition to coaxial in and out, the 501 offers single audio(L and R) and video outputs, an S-Video output, and even an optical audio output.

Pace 501

PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Terminals

The following two Digital Cable Boxes provide PVR (Personal Video Recorder) features, meaning you can record television shows straight to the internal hard-disk. You can also pause or rewind live TV, and even watch two shows at once with the included Picture-In-Picture feature. These Boxes do not provide HDTV output.

Scientific Atlanta 8000

In addition to audio and video outputs, the SA8000 provides digital audio out, and S-Video out.

SciAtl 8000

Scientific Atlanta 8300

The SA8300 provides audio and video outputs, S-Video out and a digital audio output.

SciAtl 8300

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