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My PVR missed or did not record a scheduled recording


Although you have set your Digital PVR Box to record a program, the program did not record it as scheduled.

Potential Solutions:

  1. Ensure that all cables plugged into your Digital PVR Box are secure and tight.
  2. Test the issue by recording a new program by following the instructions in the How do I use my PVR? section of this website. Ensure that you watch the same program while you recording it. The Record LED on the front of the Digital PVR Box should be illuminated while recording.
  3. Playback the test recording. If the program did not record go to the next step.
  4. Ensure that you followed all the recording instructions in your User Guide. This is sometimes the cause of the issue. For example, you may have wanted the Digital PVR Box to record all episodes of a program, but mistakenly selected the Single Episode option.
  5. Try power-cycling your Digital PVR Box by unplugging its power cord from the wall. Wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. The clock display on your box will begin to flash and then go blank. Wait until the time in the clock display returns. (This may take 2-5 minutes, please be patient). When the time reappears in the clock display, press the "power" button on your Digital PVR Box. Ensure that your TV is turned on and tuned to channel 03.

If none of these suggestions helped solve the problem, please call Rogers at 1-888-ROGERS-1 (1-888-764-3771).

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