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Cisco Digital Adapter (DA) Information and Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Adapter - Front View

Power LED - Illuminates when the adapter is powered on. The LED is green.

The DA is a one-way device that is always on.

The Digital Adapter - Back View

1. CABLE IN - connects to a coaxial cable that delivers the signal from your service provider.
2. TO TV - connects to a coaxial cable that sends signals to your TV.
3. Slide Switch - can be set to either channel 3 or channel 4.
4. IR IN - connects to the IR Extender (not supported).
5. DC Power Input - connects to the external power supply for the adapter.

The Digital Adapter – Easy Set-up

  1. Connect the coaxial from the wall into the Cable In connector.
  2. Connect the coaxial jumper t o the "To TV" connecter. This will connect directly to the input of the customers TV or VCR.
  3. Connect the round end of the power adapter to the DC Power Input.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get any additional channels with my Digital Adapter like I do on my Rogers Digital Box?
No - only the previous analogue channels will be converted to digital.

Will I see the Quick Start Menu or IPG on my Digital Adapter?
No - the DA will not show the quick start menu for the interactive programming guide.

Will TV Call Display be available on my Digital Adapter?
No - there is no TV call display as there is no Quick Start Menu.

Does my Digital Adapter have a Settings menu?
No - the DA does not have a setting menu.

Will I get ROD or PPV on my Digital Adapter?
No - the DA is a one way device. Two way services (ROD and PPV) will not be available.

Will I be able to use Closed Captioning on my Digital Adapter?
No – the DA does not support Closed Captioning.  You can use Closed Captioning through your TV functionality.

Why is there a delay when I am switching from channel to channel?
A slight delay is typical for Digital Adapters and it is working as expected.

Will I be able to use my VCR with my Digital Adapter?
The VCR recording experience will be different for customers with a Digital Adapter. Since the DA will be hooked up before the VCR connection, the DA tuner will be used rather than the internal VCR tuner.

  • With the Digital Adapter you are no longer able to pre-schedule multiple recordings on different channels. However, you may still schedule multiple recordings on one channel.
  • Your DA is not capable of automatically switching channels.
  • To record:
    • You will have set your VCR to the appropriate input (Ch 3 or Ch 4).
    • Tune to the channel you wish to record on your DA.
    • Select (or pre-schedule) to record on your VCR.

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