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Remote TV Manager FAQs - General Info and Eligibility

  1. What is Remote TV Manager?
  2. Remote TV Manager is a free service for Rogers Digital HD TV customers in Ontario that lets you set up a recording on your PVR, even when you're not at home. With Remote TV Manager, you can set up recordings, manage your PVR recordings, check your TV programming guide or use the search function from your computer or from the Remote TV Manager mobile app on your smartphone.

  3. What do I need to use Remote TV Manager?
  4. To be eligible to use Remote TV Manager online, Rogers Digital HD TV customers need a Rogers 8300HD PVR and a My Rogers account username and password. (Your My Rogers account must be associated with your Rogers TV account). To use the Remote TV Manager mobile app, you will also need a compatible smartphone.

  5. I donít have a My Rogers account, how do I register for one so I can use Remote TV Manager?
  6. To sign up for a My Rogers account, visit You will need your Rogers Digital TV Account number to complete the registration Ė this can be found at the top right corner of your invoice.

  7. I know I have a PVR, but Iím not sure which model it is. How can I find out?
  8. Look at your PVR and locate the model number displayed in the front upper right corner. You'll need an 8300HD PVR to use Remote TV Manager.

  9. When I try to set a recording with Remote TV Manager, it says my PVR is full. Can I delete stored recordings remotely?
  10. Yes, you can manage all content stored on every PVR assigned to your Rogers account.

  11. Will Remote TV Manager let me watch / stream recorded shows on the web or through the mobile app on my smartphone?
  12. No, you cannot watch/stream recorded shows through Remote TV Manager. This service is intended to provide access to your PVR for recording and management purposes only.

  13. How much does it cost to use Remote TV Manager?
  14. There is no additional charge to access the Remote TV Manager service online. The Remote TV Manager mobile app is free to download, however data usage associates with the app applies.

  15. I have the Cisco 8642HD PVR. Is this model compatible with the Remote TV Manager service?
  16. Not yet, but the Remote TV Manager service is coming soon for the Cisco 8642HD PVR.

  17. I have more than one PVR. Can I access all of them using Remote TV Manger?
  18. Yes, you can access all of the PVRs associated with your Rogers Cable account as long as they are compatible 8300HD PVR models.

  19. I have a Rogers business Digital HD TV account with an 8300HD PVR. Can I use Remote TV Manager?
  20. No, Remote TV Manager is not available for Rogers business Digital HD TV accounts at this time.

  21. Can more than one person access Remote TV Manager at once?
  22. Yes, but only when using the same My Rogers username and password. Multiple usernames per Remote TV Manager account are not supported.

  23. I have recordings on my 8300HD PVR that I donít want to be accessible by other members of the household through Remote TV Manager. Can I restrict viewing or remove a PVR from the service?
  24. No, all PVRs associated with your account are automatically available through this service. It is not possible to customize this setting. You should consider this when extending Remote TV Manager access to others.

  25. I am a Rogers Digital HD TV customer in the Atlantic region. Can I use Remote TV Manager?
  26. No, at this time the Remote TV Manager service is only available to Ontario customers since the 8300HD PVR is only offered in Ontario.

  27. Do I have to leave my PVR on for Remote TV Manager to work?
  28. No, as long as your 8300HD PVR is plugged in and connected to the Rogers network, it does not need to be on. Remote TV Manager will continue to work while the PVR is in standby mode.

  29. I have a PVR Extender for my 8300HD PVR, but I donít see any reference to it within the Remote TV Manager mobile app or Remote TV Manager online. Can I use the extra space?
  30. Yes, PVR Extenders are compatible with the Remote TV Manager service. The space indicated and displayed content in Remote TV Manager include the extender on your account.

  31. My smartphone / laptop has Wi-Fi, can I access the Remote TV Manager service using Wi-Fi?
  32. Yes, you can access the service online or from your smartphone using Wi-Fi.

  33. Can I schedule a recording for a Pay-Per-View event (PPV) with Remote TV Manager?
  34. Yes, but you must first pre-purchase the Pay-Per-View event. Once purchased, you may schedule the recording through the Remote TV Manager service.

  35. Can I use the Remote TV Manager online or mobile app service when I travel outside of Canada?
  36. Yes, Remote TV Manager can be accessed Ė both online and through the mobile app - when travelling outside of Canada. Data or roaming charges may apply, check with your Wireless carrier. It is suggested you use the Internet or Wi-Fi feature to access Remote TV Manager mobile app wherever possible when travelling outside of Canada.

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